The thing that I like most about Ms. Anna is that she lets you be yourself. Her experienced knowledge is always available but she has a way of passing on advice without manipulating your final say about the path you want to pursue. She gives you everything you need and then lets you take responsiblity for your own decisions, and looking back now, that's exactly what a college student has to do!

Antonis Antoniades

Ms. Gulsen always listens to your preferences and choices and gives you advice to help you find the best  university for you. She gives you all the information you need and lets you know what is going on immediately. When I look back now, I am really glad I had the opportunity to work with her and take advantage of her great experience and now I am in Chicago as a result of the help I received!

Semra Defterali

I have always dreamed about studying in the US, and Applimates made it true! They guided me through the process step-by-step, brought me in touch with university representatives, and informed me on scholarship opportunities. Through their expertise and knowledge, the process of applying was eased, and my chances of being accepted on a scholarship, increased! I am now at the University of South Florida, on a scholarship, and a member of The Honors College. Not only that, but through my A’ Levels, I have gained a year off in credits! Thank you Applimates!

Andrea Christou

The process of applying to colleges in the United States as an international student can be quite overwhelming, especially when you do it alone. The fact that I had knowledgeable counselors to guide me through my every step, made this process a piece of cake. These incredibly resourceful counselors answered every single and random question I had about anything, making me feel much more relaxed about the whole thing since I knew they would always have an answer if I didn’t.

Eleni Skaliotis

My counselors really helped me decide on my future with objective guiding and assistance in both taking the SAT and choosing and applying to college. They played a major role in my path to studying Computer Engineering and I am lucky and glad that I participated in their programs

Mete Morris