Our Services:

We make the application process easier for our students by providing quick, affordable counseling services under four main categories

Application Materials Review

Get your application or personal statement reviewed by an Applimates counselor!

Applimates counselors have many years of experience in helping international students and we are here to help you! Read the profiles of our Counselors and Tutors before making up your mind!

Under this category, Applimates offers two services related to U.S. university applications:



If you wish to have an Applimates counselor review your personal statement or application essay, please purchase this service and upload your personal statement/essay to Applimates. You will receive our comments and suggestions within 48 hours. Please note that we can only review essays and personal statements that are related to a U.S. university appplication.





If you wish to have your application form reviewed (excluding your personal statement or any essays), please choose this option. After purchasing this service, you will receive instructions on how to upload your application to Applimates. Within 48 hours, an experienced counselor will have reviewed your application form and uploaded it back to Applimates, where you will be able to see the reviewed document on your dashboard.





Applimates Counselors will check for accuracy, grammar and spelling mistakes and make suggestions on content in order to increase your chances of getting into the university of your dream! Let us help you. Simply create your Applimates account!