Careers in Medicine Taster- 2-week Summer Program in Canterbury, UK for 14-18 year olds
14-18 Year Olds
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Careers in Medicine
Helping you into healthcare


Who is this programme for?

For students who want to explore the different career options in Medicine. Learn about the huge variety of medical careers from nursing and neuroscience to psychology and physiotherapy. You will gain an understanding of university applications as well as the requirements needed for UKCAT and BMAT the medical school entrance exams.

Through workshops, visits, talks, mock interviews, role plays, and exam preparation classes you will learn what a strong application looks like. You will develop your personal action plan so that you can use this course as your springboard to a lifetime of inspiring health and well-being.

What will you achieve?

You will:

  • develop communication, problem solving and teamwork skills by addressing a real-world challenge as part of the Science Crest Award
  • gain an understanding of the different careers in Medicine from Doctor and Dentist to Vet and Optometrist
  • develop practical skills and knowledge in the subjects of biology, chemistry and physics through lessons in English
  • understand the requirements needed for UKCAT and BMAT medical school entrance exams through exam coaching and practice
  • have a better understanding of what is required to create a competitive application to medical school.

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14-18 Year Olds
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