International Year One at ONCAMPUS Coventry

International Year One at Coventry leading to  Year 2 of undergraduate degrees at Coventry University.

Start face to face or online and don't miss the EU Settlement Scheme application deadline of December 31, 2020!

There are many more Foundation programs in the UK, US, Sweden and the Netherlands.  Check for more information on their programs and then contact admin@applimates for an application and information on fees.

International Year 1 and Foundation Programs are for students who require additional help to improve their grades for university entrance.  OnCampus offers small classes so students receive lots of attention and personal assistance.  Students will stay in the OnCampus dorms which are often very close to the university.

OnCampus also offers a Medicine Foundation Program for students who wish to study Medicine in the UK but do not have the grades to enter directly.  The Medicine Foundation Program is offered at the University of Central Lancashire in the UK and students, if they pass with at least a 70% pass rate, are guaranteed an interview with the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. 


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International Year One at Coventry leading…

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